Monday, June 25, 2012

iPhone Photos.....To Scrap or Not to Scrap?

The days of lugging around your camera are gone.  These days most pictures I snap are with my iPhone.  I will say though that the quality of the picture is definitely not the same as that of a regular point and shoot digital Apple people can fight me on that one, LOL! 

As a scrapbooker, I try to make sure I slip my small camera in my diaper bag or purse for those on to go moments.  However, there are those rare occasions when the first thing you grab is your phone.

So fellow you scrap those phone pics?   

I ran into this dilemma recently when I came across a photo in my Photo Stream that I had forgotten about. I really wanted to scrap this picture because of the meaning behind it.  Take a look for yourself.

There is a bit of a back story to this picture and I have decided that to me the sentiment of the photo is worth more than the quality of the picture. 

As a guest designer for the website Inspired to Scrap, I will be using this photo in one of my class examples for the July Sketch Class.  Since I can't share my layout until the actual sketch is released you will have to wait to see the layout and read the story.  I promise to post that as soon as I can!

So, how do you handle those phone photos?  Take a moment and post a comment letting us know how you deal or don't deal with them.  For me this one was a definite keeper!

And don't forget to join the sketch class over at Inspired to Scrap!  Class starts July 1st with a Pre-Class Sketch on June 28th!!!


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  1. I just recently started downloading my iphone pics to my computer and scrapping them. In fact, the two pics I plan to use for the pre class sketch from the I2S class are iPhone pics! ~ Hil