Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Happens in Vegas...

Was a big disappointment!!!  Howdy, folks!  I just got back from 3 hot days in Las Vegas with the family.  We planned this trip surrounding me attending the Creating Keepsakes Convention. This is the first time Creating Keepsakes has held a convention in Las Vegas.  I figured with Nevada's relative proximity to Utah, the scrapbooking capitol of the United States, there would be scores of vendors and I would be so glad for my giant mommy car as I packed all my loot to take home.  Boy was I wrong!!!

There were so few vendors there, I couldn't even find things to buy!  On the top of my "To Purchase" list was an ATG Gun.

I figured finding this, being a favorite scrapbook adhesive, would not be a problem and I would be able to get it at a great price.  No one had it!!!

I also wanted to stock up on paper for the upcoming sketch class over at but there were only 4-5 booth's that had paper and the pickings were slim.  I had my photos all ready to match up to paper and I was only able to get paper for one layout - this adorable On the Go collection from Bo Bunny that will be perfect for my Touch-a-Truck pics.

The last on my list was some dorky, matching scrapbook t-shirts for Deborah and I to wear when we head to the convention in PA in July.  It was a no go on that one too.

So I'm keeping my finger's crossed that the PA convention is a better attended event.  In the meanwhile, I am off to my LSS this week to stock up on paper!



  1. Bummer it was a bust. For some reason, I was thinking that the CK conventions were more for classes and crops? I LIVE in Utah and there aren't even hardly any scrappy stores.

    1. I took three classes which were pretty good. The class schedule was pretty slim because there were barely any vendors there to host classes! I have never done the crops. Deborah and I have started doing our ow crop in the hotel lobby:-) ~ Hil

  2. Darn. I wanted a dorky shirt! LOL I'm confident we will have better luck next month. I think part of your problem was not having the paper ho in tow!! I'll enable you better in Lancaster. ~ deb

  3. I love my ATG - i saw the pink one at Michael's and you could use a coupon :D

    I'm out of tape for it... which says a lot since I haven't scrapped in eons. I went to use it to wrap a present and bam, it ran dry....

    Dorky shirts work - i have a non-dorky one that I love.